Ravla Gurme, is a brand born out of desire of a chemist mother who has done extensive research on olive oil and who blends the knowledge shared by the masters with half a century of experience in this subject; to offer her children, family and all loved ones the most natural, most useful and richest form of olive oil.

As Ravla Gurme, we do not have an olive grove and a factory, which gives us the opportunity to offer you the olive oil of the quality we freely choose the most valuable olives in the South Aegean. Hygiene, naturality, science, effort and century-old experiences meet under the brand name Ravla Gurme.

Ravla Gurme, which is very meticulous about the product selection, aims to bring together rarefied olive oil, rich in polyphenol and flavored by the South Aegean flavors, by carefully following the post-olive oil production conditions of resting and storing.