Our goal is to reach a balanced olive oil with rich polyphenol, balanced tartness and fruity, containing aromas of the region where it grows in the light of scientific and sensory parameters. Ravla Gurme products were not bruised, hand-harvested during the early harvest period, the products were squeezed on the same day, and were not exposed to high temperatures in order to keep the polyphenol level high during the squeeze, and processed with an anhydrous technique in the 2 phase high tech facilities.

The analyzes of our products are carried out in internationally accredited laboratories and related documents are in the certificates section of our site.

After the squeezing process is completed, it is kept in nickel-chromium tanks and rested naturally without filtering. Rested products are stored in cool stores and delivered to you on order. Ravla Gurme products are offered in dark colors and decorative bottles with special design in order to be able to accompany the harmony in your tables and to protect it at maximum level from daylight.