The olive tree dates back 7000 years and has a long history dating back to the history of mankind and up to the Biblical Flood.

The dove, Prophet Noah sent forth to see if the waters were abated from off the face of the ground, comes back with an olive branch in its mouth. . Then Prophet Noah understands that waters are drawn. The dove holding an olive branch in its mouth has been the symbol of hope, the abundance, peace and welfare; the olive tree is wisdom and glory; olive branch peace; olive oil has been the symbol of purity and simplicity.

Olive Oil Chemistry

Acidity – (FFA)

Turkish Food Codex Olive Oil Communique requires that this number be below 0,8 in order for an olive oil to be considered Extra Virgin grade. It is always good if this acid value is close to ‘0’. If the olive is still in the branch at the end of the ripening period, the acidity increases and the fruity taste begins to decrease the amount of minerals and polyphenols it contains.

Peroxide Value

The peroxide value should be less than 20 or equal to 20. This is an important criterion for a good virgin olive oil. The peroxide value actually tells the story of the oil. A healthy production process and subsequent storage conditions ensure that this value remains low over a longer period of time. The level of peroxide also affects the color and aroma of the oil.

Polyphenols - Antioxidant Substances

The higher the polyphenol ratio, the greater the benefit of olive oil. There are many scientific studies published in the world about the fact that it is the substance that gives sharpness to the oil and that fights free radicals in the body.

Oleic Acid

In order for an oil to be called extra virgin olive oil, the Fatty Acid Profile must be comprised of at least 55% Oleic Acid. The higher the oleic acid, the better. Thanks to its high oleic acid content, our bodies fight against free radicals. The use of monounsaturated oleic acid-containing vegetable oil instead of saturated animal fats improves cholesterol balance. Therefore, monounsaturated fats are considered good fats.